Common Linux remote login management tools

    The server is generally a cloud server or placed in the computer room. In our daily work, we connect to the server through remote connection tools to operate. There are many such tools (such as SecureCRT, XShell, Putty, FinalShell, TeamViewer, and the PowerShell that comes with Windows 10, etc.), this article Select several commonly used tools for demonstration. In actual use, you only need to use any one of them proficiently, and the others are regarded as understanding.

    Although the use of tools is very simple, it is quite troublesome for many beginners to explore among many tools. Network resources are flooded, fragmented, and many articles are scattered and unorganized; in addition, many people reprint other people's articles without verification, which often brings a lot of confusion to beginners, and many people spend a lot of time searching for resources online. Not necessarily accurate. It is also the original intention of this series of articles to allow everyone to focus more on the corresponding knowledge points.

    The tools demonstrated in the article are available for download. All tools have been personally verified and ensured that they are complete and correct, and are ready to use after downloading; all operations have been verified at least twice to ensure accuracy. However, the technology is updated very fast, and the software version is also iterating, so it is best to use the provided version and keep the environment consistent with this series of articles.

    ps: Even so, there are unavoidable omissions. If there are any mistakes, please contact and point out.

1. SecureCRT

1.1 Introduction to SecureCRT

    SecureCRT client for Windows, Mac, and Linux provides rock-solid terminal emulation for computing professionals. It is simply understood that SecureCRT is a very suitable terminal emulation program that can be used for remote management of linux servers. It is a paid software, as of this article The latest version at the time of writing is 8.5.


1.2 SecureCRT8.5 download

    SecureCRT is a foreign commercial software, and the license can be purchased if the conditions permit, and the genuine version is supported.

    Official website:


2. XShell

2.1 Introduction to XShell

    Xmanager Enterprise Edition is a complete enterprise networking suite for seamless UNIX/Linux and Windows integration, including suites such as Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd. It is a paid software. Individuals and students can use the student version for free. The latest version is XManager6 as of the time of publication of this article. This demonstration mainly uses the suites XShell and Sftp.


2.2 XShell download

    Official website:


3. Putty

3.1 Introduction to Putty

    Putty is a completely free remote login tool that is easy to use, requires no installation, is very compact and supports multiple connection types (Telnet, SSH, Rlogin). The latest version is 0.73 as of now.


3.2 Putty Download

    Official website:

    ps: The cloud disk connection often fails. Please pay attention to the WeChat public account "Self-learning Help" and reply to the keyword "putty" to get it.


3.3 Putty installation

    The official website provides the complete installation package file and individual components. If the complete installation package is used, it includes putty, psftp, pscp and other components after installation. The installation process is very simple, just click Next. This demo uses the separate putty and pscp components directly, no installation required, just click and use.

    Putty can remotely log in to the host to operate, while pscp can transfer files to the remote host, and it is very simple to use.


4. FinalShell

4.1 Introduction

    FinalShell is a comprehensive tool that integrates SSH, server management, remote desktop acceleration, and supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be used to manage linux servers under windows. The latest version as of now is 2.9.8.


4.2 Download

    Official website:

    ps: The cloud disk connection often fails, please pay attention to the WeChat public account "Self-learning Help", and reply to the keyword "finalshell" to obtain


4.3 Installation

    The installation process is very simple, double-click the installation package, and continue to the next step to complete the installation, which will not be repeated here.


5. Other tools

  • TeamViewer

        It is a remote control tool that can run on windows, macos, and linux. It is free for personal use and charges for commercial use.

        Official website:


  • PowerShell that comes with windows

       PowerShell is an upgraded version of cmd. With the update of Windows 10, Windows PowerShell has gradually replaced the traditional CMD command prompt tool and can be directly used to connect to a linux server remotely.


  • winscp

        Copying files between Windows and Linux is very convenient and safe, and the operation is simple, just drag and drop.

        Official website:


6. Tool comparison

Main tool comparison:


Charge or not


Recommendation Index



Use with SecureFX, easy to operate and powerful

five star



Use with XFtp, easy to operate and powerful

five star



Use with pscp, simple but full-featured

Four star



Multiple functions, you can complete all basic operations in the main interface

Four start

    The tool selection generally depends on whether it is open source and free, and whether it is easy to use. Everyone has different usage habits, you can choose one to use according to your personal preference.

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